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Research Interests

Our research is focused on functional materials – in particular the development of polymeric and hybrid materials with prescribed functionality beyond traditionally passive mechanical roles. Applications range from medical to structural materials technology. Utilizing core experimental strengths of (i) polymer synthesis, (ii) rheology and processing, (iii) morphological analysis, (iv) quantitative thermal analysis, and (v) mechanical testing, our group pursues the development of functional polymers for a diverse array of applications under federal and industrial sponsorship, summarized below. In all cases, researchers are immersed in the full spectrum of molecular and nanoscale design, synthesis, characterization, and quantitative analysis, allowing us to reveal structure-processing-property relations underpinning complex responses and allowing exploitation in diverse applications. The experimental activities of our group occupy approximately 2500 square feet of modern space in Link Hall at Syracuse University under the auspices of the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute.

Funded research projects include:

  • Biodegradable Polymers for Cardiovascular Devices (Boston Scientific)
  • Shape Memory Polymers for Orthodontic Appliances (NIH/NIDCR)
  • Self-Healing Polymers (Air Force)
  • Electrospinning of Nanocomposites for Membranes and Films (Department of Energy)
  • Polymer-Based Biomineralization for Dental Applications (NYSTAR)
  • Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Elastomers: Artificial Muscles and Smart Tissue Engineering (NSF)