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MRG News

New Congratulations to Matt Kuc on the successful defense of his MS Thesis, "Smart Polymers for Bioreplication and Self-Healing", August 22, 2014

New Best wishes to all of the "Interactive Biomaterials" REU students of summer 2014!


New Kelly Burke and Ingrid Rousseau's work on main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers has been published!
Reversible actuation in main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers with varying crosslink densities
KA Burke, IA Rousseau, PT Mather - Polymer, 2014

Functionally Graded SMP makes the cover of Soft Matter v7, n1, 2011. Congratulations to Andrew, Xiaofan, and Kyungmin!

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute has opened the doors to its new facilities in Bowne Hall.

SBI LobbySBI Lab

-- Syracuse Post-Standard Story
-- YNN TV Spot

Xiaofan Luo's paper in Soft Matter on electrically conductive shape memory polymers has is a top-ten download for the month of May, 2010. Congrats, Xiaofan! Click here to see all 10: Link

Prof. Mather has become Editor of Polymer Bulletin, starting June, 2010,
adding to his current Editorship of Polymer Reviews.

Video on the Syracuse Magazine website concerning our antimicrobial hydrogel webs. Have a look!

Xiaofan Luo's latest publication in Soft Matter on electrically conductive shape memory polymers was featured by RSC's Highlights in Chemical Technology.

Kelly Burke's latest publication in J. Mater. Chem. on soft shape memory materials made the cover! See this link to the free article.

Filled We anticipate the need for two postdoctoral researchers to pursue an exciting project in shape memory medical devices. Experience with either synthesis of biodegradable polymers or biomaterials characterization (particularly blood-contacting materials) is desired. Interested parties should e-mail Dr. Mather.

Color-changing Shape Memory Polymers. Our collaboration with Dr. Weder on color-changing SMPs has hit the press! Click here for the write up in RSC's Chemical Sciences, including a link to the paper.

Prof. Mather has accepted the position of Milton and Ann Stevenson Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University and will be transferring there in September 2007, along with multiple group members. At Syracuse University, Mather has launches the new Syracuse Biomaterials Institute.

Filled Postdoctoral Opening. An immediate postdoctoral opening exists in the area of liquid crystalline elastomers. The project is in collaboration with Peter Palffy-Muhoray at Kent State University and involves synthesis and characterization of LCEs using proven and emerging methods. Interested parties should send their CV to Dr. Mather at

On December 13, 2006sc, Mather Delivered a KEYNOTE lecture at the Center for Applied Research on Polymers and Composites, Montreal, Canada.

Mather to present at the "International Symposium on Polymeric Materials for Regenerative Medicine," in Boucherville, April 2-4, 2007. (posted 6Dec2007)
Click here for more information...

November 16, 2006 - Lockheed Martin sponsors research on "Nanoadhesives" in MRG in the form of a graduate fellowship for 4th year student, Tim Marsh.
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August 15, 2006 - US Patent 7,091,297 B2 issued: "Shape memory polymers based on semicrystalline thermoplastic polyurethanes bearing nanostructured hard segments"
by P.T. Mather, Q. Ge, and C. Liu.

Filled Postdoctoral Opening. An immediate postdoctoral opening exists in the area of biodegradable POSS-based polyurethanes. Interested parties should send their CV to Dr. Mather at

June 27, 2006 - US Patent 7,067,606 B2 issued: "Nonionic telechelic polymers incorporating polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane (POSS) and uses thereof"
by P.T. Mather, B-S Kim, Q. Ge, and C. Liu

April 18, 2006 - Mather and Pintauro land large DOE grant to pursue electrospun fuel cell membranes.
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April 18, 2006 - Prof. Mather's Society of Plastics Engineers e-Live™ Presentation.
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March 20, 2006 - Prof. Mather was interviewed about the state of SMP technology.
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